A Mixture of Light, Motion and Emotion

My whole life is art, everything I do shall be considered as art.
Art is communication and artworks are the documentation thereof.
Photographs are the documentations of my life.

When I take pictures I break all boundaries between me and my subjects with the chutzpah only a person with a big camera and any disregards for other people's personal space can muster.
I catch them unaware and avoid their pretensions. It is a game of cat and mouse. There is no opportunity to act. I shoot them how I see them and not the way they would like to be seen. At the same time I interact and bond with them. I make them comfortable to have me around.

The result are pictures which show true faces and real emotions that seem to celebrate life.

My photographs blur the boundary between photography and movie.
They are a mixture of light, motion and emotion.
My pictures tell a story and that's how I like to present them, on the website as series and in my magazine and galleries in a comix style layout.

click here to view the video clipping - press.avi ( 2.9mb )