Tree Huggin'
German Insects & Flowers

Face value was the title of a show I had in 1991 at the Brix Gallery in Manila.
The show consisted of roughly 30 canvases which became commercially and critically a great success.

I had my face time, my 15 minutes of fame.

Face Value evolved directly out of Öme
a show I had about a year earlier.

I was faced with the difficult task of trying to express emotions without the obvious—facial features.
And I managed to do so without losing face.
On the surface it appeared to be rather faceless. (he he he)
But I am not hiding behind my face.

uuuuhhh,...your killing me. This is getting facetious.

huh, hu,hu....ouch...

Come on, don't give me that face, it's funny.
uuhhh, hu hu stop it, will ya.

Do you like the typeface?

That's it. Stop it right now.

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