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Seriously Now


  Seriously Now, does humor belong to art?
Humor belongs to everything because it is part of our lives.
Or shall I say, it should be part of our lives.
Everyday we are confronted with a barrage of influences which seemed to be designed to take the fun away from us.
Like a person trying to convert to a healthy lifestyle we have to learn that fun is a constant effort.
And fun depends on communication.
Isolation and comfort pulls us away from it.
Art is communication.
So let’s communicate and have fun.
Seriously Now, is humorous art mixed with enough drama to provide it with a long shelf life, keeping it significant beyond the initial chuckle.

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Family Affair

Sunyee Maluche


A series of artworks, mostly paintings, which are collaborations with my two kids, Marc Donray and Sunyee.
In this series I hand over the conceptualization, the artistic part to my kids and I take over the part of the craftsman who packages the work into a nice design.
Only kids can paint or draw without any inhibition or consideration.
The idea is based on one of my art musings:

Conceptualize like a kid
Research like a scholar
Execute like a craftsman.

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Linea Obscura
(The Mummies)


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Linea Obscura are something I draw when I am extremely relaxed.
Otherwise I would go nuts with all those long straight lines.
But once I am relaxed enough it becomes very exhilarating, almost a form of meditation.
Line by line the drawing progresses, each line building on the previous, guiding the work in a slightly new direction.
Random mistakes become exaggerated with every successive line and they
influence the outcome of the drawing.
Like in photography, printmaking or pottery the result is always slightly different from the original idea.
I made the first set of Linea Obscura drawings between 1988 and 1989.
Now, I started the second series in 2002.
I have never shown Linea Obscura in public so far. I am quite shy.

Reincarnated Swan
(Cygnus Reincarnatus)

Pink Swan in a Hurrry


How I met the swan.

The first signs of another rebirth of the Reincarnated Swan appeared to me in early 1990.
I was working on some artworks when suddenly from the corner of my eye, I saw a small flicker of power coming from one of my drawings.…

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Face Value

Face Value


Face value was the title of a show I had in 1991 at the Brix Gallery in Manila.
The show consisted of roughly 30 canvases which became commercially and critically a great success.

I had my face time, my 15 minutes of fame.

Face Value evolved directly out of Öme
a show I had about a year earlier.…

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Happy Oeme


Öme are weird, funny creatures.

They do what they want and have a load of fun while doing it.

The word "Öme" comes from a European cartoon strip.
As teenagers we used to say : "Hey, look at that Öme."
And what we meant to say was that you should have a look at that Öme.
Which would roughly translate to : Hey, look at that Öme.

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I used to have the problem that I would get too much into details when painting.
I always wanted to paint wild and free but I ended up trying to make everything perfect.
So I tricked myself. I made clay sculptures within a very short time limit which left them very rough.
Once I painted those it didn't matter if I got too detailed because the subject matter was wild and free to start with.
Nowadays I just get totally drunk so I can't paint any details anymore… just kidd'n.

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Childhood Sweetheart








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Still Life

Still Life with Plate








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Andy Maluche








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