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I used to have the problem that I would get too much into details when painting.
I always wanted to paint wild and free but I ended up trying to make everything perfect.
So I tricked myself. I made clay sculptures within a very short time limit which left them very rough.
Once I painted those it didn't matter if I got too detailed because the subject matter was wild and free to start with.
Nowadays I just get totally drunk so I can't paint any details anymore… just kidd'n.

Suddenly Everything Became Totally Clear to Me


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Similar to the Re-reincarnated Swan, this painting is based on a sketch of a clay figurine. The figure seems to have a "Geistesblitz" a mind flash.
That is a German expression for when you just had a joint and you are in between the third and fifth beer, this flash is going through your head and suddenly everything becomes totally clear.
The light beam is actually the stick of a brush holding the clay figure up straight.
It was very hot and the clay was melting while I was sketching.

1993, oil on canvas, 4' x 6'

The Joyful Dance of the Amphibian in Honor of Technical Advances




Drawn from a series of sketches,
it shows a frog runover by a car.
I made a whole series of drawings of run-over frogs.
Often the frogs looked like as if they were dancing.


oil on canvas
5' x 6'

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Re-reincarnated Swan

Re-reincarnated Swan


This is one of my favored pieces.
It was my first painting after a year-long pause.
I believe that the best pieces happen after long intervals of doing nothing related to art.
After a kind of re-charging period.
The motive is based on a sketch of a clay figurine.

1993, oil on canvas, 4' x 5'

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